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Did you know...

Tailgate theft is big business!

Every year thousands of truck owners find out the hard way that their truck tailgate is a target for thieves.

Tailgates are easy to steal and easy to sell! They don't carry serial numbers so they are virtually untraceable!

What should you do to protect your tailgate?

There are several products on the market designed to prevent tailgates from being stolen.

Some pickup trucks come with locking tailgate handles from the factory, which is great, as long as you remember to lock the handle!

There are other products too, such as the Gate Keeper™ which is not a lock, but a security bracket designed only to keep your tailgate on your truck!

How does the Gate Keeper™ work?

The Gate Keeper™ is a simple yet strong theft deterrent that bolts onto your truck and covers the bottom pivot to prevent tailgate removal.

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